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3D Printing Technologies – Will 2017 be a breakthrough year?

If you’ve had some knowledge on the gaining momentum of 3D printing technology, you’re most likely wondering how fast this useful technology is gaining momentum. Although few areas within this industry are over-hyped about the early development, the rate of superfast progression, consistent flow of individuals and businesses entering the periphery of 3D printing will actually play the role of a catalyst in quickening its pace. Experts and analysts suggest that within 2 years from 2015, this 3D printing industry will look a lot different. It will remain on the apex of mainstream manufacturing, business and individual opinions.

You might ask why 2017? Well, actually there are number of primary developments in this industry which are all set to come into reality around that particular time. There are predictions for the 3D printing industry too. Let’s take a close look at the predicted developments by 2017.

HP will invade the industry via Multi Jet Fusion Technology

There’s very little argument over the biggest story within the entire printing industry around the next 2 years, that of HP invading into the 3D printing industry by launching their brand new Multi Jet Fusion machines. The machines are all set to launch during the latter half of 2016 and this will offer us faster printing than what we get today. Though their launch is scheduled at 2016, it won’t be before 2017 that the technology will start showing its true colors. There are high chances that throughout the year 2017, HP will start launching new materials and new models of printers which leverage the MJF technology.

High Speed HSS 3D printer technology will become easily accessible

The Manufacturing Engineering department’s professor at the University of Sheffield discussed the new high speed manufacturing process which he named High Speed Sintering (HSS). This technology combines the inkjet printer with the powder-bed fusion technology, printing carbon above a coat of powder which sits tight over the printing bed. When an infrared light passes from above, the powder is sediment which is covered with black carbon. This allows the different layers of the intended object to be sediment in just a few seconds. The print rates will be 10-100X faster than the speed which we now see in the current technologies.

Reports reveal that the first HSS machine may be seen online in the year 2017.  It suggests that Hopkinson is working hard with his team and numerous other business partners to provide a license to the technology. Will there be some other larger players who would consider adopting the HSS technology in a step to take a revenge on HP as they plan to enter the market with a bang? That’s definitely possible but nevertheless, if all goes as planned; people will be a witness to more than 1 printer that will use this brand new innovative technology.

CLIP Technology will reach the zenith of success

During the month of March, there was a story regarding a startup company called carbon 3D which gained over $50 million in the form of investment capital and also attracted the former CEO of Ford, Alan Mullaly and included them to their board members. They blew their users by presenting before them the CLIP or the Continuous Liquid Interface Production Technology. Through this technology printing objects can be done at a speed from 25-100X. The first CLIP printer will be expected in 2016 but by the latter half of 2017, you will see increasing companies leveraging this printing process, each competing against the other.

We all know that the 3D system has been working hard to create a niche within the printing industry. With the advancement of printing technologies, there are new ink cartridges which are also entering the market. Therefore, 2017 is definitely going to be the year of innovation explosion.

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