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4 Unique Dating Apps that can beat Tinder

Datting Apps

dating appTinder has been one of the most popular dating app from the past few years. However, the dating app market is evolving and many new players are stepping in the market. The only way to beat Tinder is to develop an app that has a unique selling point and appeal the users. The current number of downloads of tinder on android phones are more than 50 million. Let’s review some of the other dating apps that have got potential to beat Tinder.


This app was first launched on Apple iOs store in December 2014. After one year, it came on Android store. Bumble app is unique and it has got a potential to beat Tinder. In just five months period, the total number of downloads for Bumble have exceeded to nearly 1 million.

Bumble is all about changing the rules of the game. Unlike Tinder, it do not allow all users to imitate the conversation. For straight people, only women can choose man and show interest to them through swap. Bumble do not allow men to make the first move. If that women who initiated do not talk to the men for 24 hours, the connection goes away.

There are a lot of chances of rejection, when men makes the first move. However, the odds of success for match increases when a girl makes first move. Moreover, women can also avoid any humiliation that they might have to face when rejecting random man.

Coffee Meet Bagel

Coffee Meet Bagel was launched for android on Jan 2015. It has been able to gain a lot of attention. The downloads of this app are between the threshold of 5 lakh-1 million. Coffee Meet Bagel find itself the match for individuals. It matches people based on geography, attraction and likes/dislikes. It also facilities in meeting of the people. The mutual friend option is a good feature in this app. It helps people to know about people on the app from their friends.


Okcupid is an old application that was launched on January 2013 for android phones. The total downloads for this app (only on android phone) are between 5-10 million. okcupid theme line is “we use math to find your dates.”It uses a complex algorithm to find the match. On average, okcupid claim that there are 1million installs per week. This app is free and have small charges for in app purchases.


POF is also one of the popular app. This app was launched in 2010 and it currently have nearly 3 million user. POF has a great potential to expand itself. It initially focused primarily in North America, South America and Australia. Now POF is planning to aggressively peruse the Asian market. The user base is large and POF considers this as its unique selling point.

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