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5 Cloud Computing Tools for Securing your Business

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A large number of cloud venders are now delivering the tools for helping the enterprises in building, managing, monitoring, tweaking and tracking the cloud services. These have been designed for helping the IT executives free up some of their budgets and use the IT staff to work on the business projects in a more strategic way.

The cloud computing tools surely have their own set of advantages but one of the things for which they are widely used and their demand of use is increasing is data security and privacy. If you were searching for some of the finish apps, then we are here to help you with the best of all tools to ensure the security of the data of your company and mitigate the danger by implementing the cloud application detection.

Bitglass cloud tools

1. Bitglass

This tool is in its beta phase and it is meant to provide transparent protection to the data of the business. It works fine on the mobile devices and computers and it has the aim of reducing the risk of data loss. It also maintains the visibility of the data within the cloud and your mobile devices. The tools combines different types of security. It is capable of detecting the usage of the cloud apps and encrypt the data that is uploaded onto the cloud. It also keeps track of your business data no matter where on the internet it is located so that you can maintain complete visibility. Even if the employees upload the data on their personal file sharing services, you are still going to have the data tracked and protected.


2. Skyhigh Networks

With the Skyhigh networks, you can discover, analyze and secure the use of the cloud apps. It uses the log from the existing firewalls, gateways and proxies for discovering what the cloud apps the employees in your organization are using. You will have a customizable risk assessment of the cloud apps which are currently being used. The tool lets you detect the inconsistencies in the security policies and the potential data leaks. It is also known as the 3 click security system which utilizes the reverse proxy technology for granting contextual access to cloud and implement consistent policies across the cloud for directly accessing cloud without using any VPN or the device agent. It is also useful for data encryption and data loss protection.


3. Netskope

This tool lets you discover and monitor the cloud apps and showdown IT which is used in the network. It is capable of monitoring users, sessions, the shared and downloaded content and it provides detailed analytic. With this analytic, you can ask your business questions related to security for identifying the weakness and opportunities within the system. It is also capable of constructed a detailed audit trail for resolving the security problems.


4. CipherCloud

With this cloud security tool, you can encrypt or tokenize the data at your business gateway directly. It does not aim at discovering the shadow IT but it has the purpose of ensuring the security of data contained within the known clouds. It is also capable of encrypting data during the process of upload and it and it decrypts the data during the download. The encryption key which is used within the process will remain in your business network. That means no unauthorized users will be accessing your data in the cloud. It also comes with a built-in malware detection and data loss prevention feature.


5. Okta

It is meant to provide the secure single sign on for the cloud and it is meant for the on premise and mobile apps which are used by the business. It is integrated with some of the most popular business apps from Microsoft, Google and salesforce.com. Other features that it supports are automated user management, support for the mobile devices and apps, multifactor authentication and the flexible security policies.

Now when you have the Cloud Computing tools like these in use, then your business organization will be protected in the most effective way. You will have complete control over the data regardless of where it is located. What more could an organization need? These tools are highly effective for both small and large organizations that are concerned about the security of their business data.

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