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5 Tips for Successful Cloud Migration

cloud migration tipsFor the enterprises that are considering about moving to the cloud, the process of transition can get a lot daunting and even overwhelming. Many IT managers are jumping into the cloud arena but hardly do they know where to start, what to avoid and how to make the most out of this technology.

The IT pros who have been through the process of cloud migration and have overcome the hurdles have now become the seasoned cloud users. They are not just the people who simply used Google Docs and Gmail, they incorporated cloud into the business operations and even the whole enterprise.

If you are planning to transit, here are top 5 tips that will ease the task for you:

1. Consider your Concoctions

It is easy for anyone to feel excited about moving to cloud and using the new apps but in this excitement, they forget about the connections which they really need. If you are connecting to cloud through VPN, it is totally fine.If you have offices spread between cities and you have to connect with them, then the issue of latency can be really frustrating for you. In order to avoid this frustration, you are required to pay attention to the component of networking.

2. Organize your Early Efforts

The first services or apps which you will move to the cloud are going to be significant. If the first phase goes well for you, then your staff and even business executives would prefer to push everything about the enterprise on cloud but if the project does not work, then it can give a serious blow to everyone.

Hence, it is recommended for you to be careful about the projects that you want to work on earlier. It is really important to choose where you want to put your efforts first. Furthermore, you don’t really have to worry about the velocity of the migration at once. It will be tempting to migrate everything in just one day but if you want success, then keep your pace slow.

3. Get Rid of the Creepy Crawlies

When you are migrating to the cloud, you have the opportunity of thinking about the best practices and the standards. Often, we are doing things which are not as secure as they could have been. If you don’t give it a second thought, then you will be carrying forward the bad practices only.

4.Rethink about The Network

The problem with many enterprises is that they had been working on the same system for years. This makes it easier for anyone to narrow the thinking on a particular system. When you are migrating to cloud, it is going to be a great opportunity to adopt a new cloud based way of thinking about the network that you will deploy within the organization. It is time that you change your ways of thinking. Such a cloud computing solution should be chosen that is cloud-friendly. You must let go of the way you had been doing things from a long time.

5. Beware Of The Culture Change and IT Pushback

Your own staff might be resistant to change. That happens all the time. The pushback from your staff can be the biggest hurdle in the implementation of cloud. It is important to make them understand that cloud is the need of enterprises today. Some staff members believe that they will not be able to use the cloud well. This thinking has to be changed through training and seminars. You have to make them believe that cloud is not that hard to adopt. The changes it can bring for your enterprises are really needed for successful operations.

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