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7 ways to Enhance your AdWords Campaign

Digital marketing

Once you have decided to invest in AdWords it is crucial to make the most out of it. But the question is how? Although the whole setup is user-friendly and very convenient to use – but then why is it that some campaigns are more successful than the others?

Because of keyword positioning and advanced techniques.

Here are 07 tips for you to improve your AdWords campaign:

1-Choose smart keywords

You might want to go for the obvious keywords with high search volumes and in turn having a high cost. Instead, wisely choose the non-obvious yet relevant keywords.

Secondly, quantity is not the key here. Yes, you can select 20 keywords but instead include a few that you are sure will be effective.

2-Phrase Match

Out of four available options for a keyword match, go for a phrase match. It will keep the audience relevant without blocking out possible potential customers. Compared to broad match which includes every search which can cause clicks without action or interest. Still, cost you a click since the AdWords pricing is based on cost per click.


AdWords provide detailed options for precise targeting. You should make full use of all the available features. Understanding your target customer; adding the specifications by age, geographical location, time of the day, device used and so forth. Like “near me” campaigns work really good for most businesses.

4-Avoid delusive hacks

The Internet is a place full of free advice, but it’s not always productive. You might have read the suggestion to use a competitor’s name for the keywords to attract the customers searching for them, but the hack is not exactly a fail-safe. The goal here is not just the clicks it’s retaining the customer. Since you are not allowed to use a competitor’s name directly, it will cost you heavily for higher bidding.

5-Make Use of Negative Remarketing Lists

The thing about AdWords is that you are in control. You watch and monitor every click and activity. You can use that to your advantage, the negative remarketing lists is a form of de-clutter for the audience you’d like to avoid like the people visiting only the job section obviously don’t want to be your customers. Likewise, those who are already customers wouldn’t want your ads popping up everywhere.

6-Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

The AdWords landscape is no longer limited to keyword manipulation, new features keep coming up for Google AdWords like RLSAs. The lists can be used to precisely target market the users who have already been to your website when search again for relevant keywords, will be exposed to the ads. With the plus point being the previous familiarity with the website they are more likely to approach to get the job done.

7-Re-evaluate Re-design

There is nothing as a perfect AdWords campaign, the focus here is to keep getting better at it with increased understanding every day. Create a sheet to monitor the added keywords and compare the click rates versus the sales rates on each. Although AdWords own analytics is elaborate enough, you still need to have a study of your own to monitor trends and effects more tailored to your unique business objectives for maximum efficiency.

To pen off the discussion, it’s worth mentioning that the AdWords is the present and future backbone of advanced digital marketing strategy, one must perfect the strategies to make the most out of it whilst it is still affordable, even for smaller businesses.

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