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9 Things about Cloud Security Everybody Must Know

Whenever there is a talk about cloud, one thing that you will never be able to separate from it is cloud security. There is no doubt when cloud is brought up in conversation in an enterprise, it is followed by the discussion of how to secure it. There are some enterprises that believe cloud is safer as compared to the traditional means of storing data but it is not as secured as it seems.

Ultimately, the decision is in the hands of the individual or organization if it must go for cloud deployment because each organization has its own way of conducting business operations. Nonetheless, cloud adoption is on the rise. There are lots of ways it affects organizations. If you are concerned about the security of yours, take a look at the top things you must know about cloud security:

1. Cloud security market is expanding

The global security services market 2015 to 2019 report says that the in the market for security products & services, the demand of a type of security that is on the top of the list is cloud based security. Another report says that the market size of cloud security will reach to $9 billion by the year 2019.

2. Cases of data breach

Data breaches were all over the news in 2014. Most of the big brands were hit by the breaches. The Ponemon Institute issued a report by the end of 2014 which claimed 43% of the organizations had to experience data breach within the year. More than 40% of the population is South Korea got its credit card information compromised.

3. Public vs private cloud

There is a lot of debate going on regarding the security of public and private clouds. Private cloud offers you control over data and it also complies with the HIPAA standards & PCI but it is not that secure. The truth is, security has more to do with the cloud strategy adopted instead of the cloud technology in use.

4. Storage is riskiest cloud app there is

A common consumer when hears about cloud thinks it is associated with cloud storage or backup but there is more to it. Cloud storage is great and it has its own importance but there are some challenges associated with it. A report called Cloud Usage Risks and Opportunities says storage is a risky cloud application, especially for the organizations that are dealing with finance and accounting.

5. Your employees may be your threat

Outside hackers are a threat to an organization indeed but do you know your employees can be of equal threat too? Experian made a data breach industry forecast for 2015 in which it claimed that last year, employees caused 60% security incidents. Those employees who work from remote locations or those having access to sensitive data in their personal mobile devices outside the network of the company are the ones who may compromise security.

6. It is difficult to control adoption

So the trends like BYOA (Bring your own app) and BYOD (Bring your own device) are ever increasing. Cloud services and tools are being widely sneaked into various organizations. This might seem normal because it is happening everywhere. However, the challenge with respect to cloud services is that users might access security before accessing the service.

7. Not all organizations have security policies

Most of the organizations don’t really have security policies or procedures in place for dealing with the cloud data security. Using cloud without policies can be a big threat for sensitive data.

8. New risk from IoT

By 2020, the IoT market will expand to 26 billion units. It will bring threat to the security of the organizations which are leveraging the technology. The data points for storage and processing collected by different IoT devices can create vulnerabilities. It is also predicted that cyber attacks at IoT might increase.

9. Inaccurate use of tools

There are many ways through which organizations can make the cloud secure. It can be done by using various tools. The only problem is not they are either not used in the first place or if they are being used, it is probably in an inaccurate way. Cloud firewalls or data encryption are available widely but only a few enterprisers are using them. No wonder why data is being compromised on such a massive level.

Overall, cloud is not bad, but it surely has some security concerns to watch out for. A good thing is that we have cloud security solutions available to make the most of this gift of technology. It is high time enterprises start working on the security.




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