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ARA Blocks Enlists Blockchain to Give Content Creators Fairer Payments

ARA BlockChain Content Platform

With the advent of the Internet, becoming a content creator is a career chosen and pursued by many internauts out there. The promise of easy money without really having to leave home seems tempting but, quite often, things do not end up being as rentable as one would expect.

Among other factors, the sometimes necessary presence of middlemen importantly shrinks and limits the profits of content creators. Luckily for them, there is now a new platform that promises to make things easier, more profitable and secure, and all this thanks to the powerful blockchain technology: meet ARA Blocks.

With this platform, content creators will be able to sell and distribute their content directly to their targets, thus eliminating the need for the aforementioned middlemen and effectively increasing their revenue. And, given that it is built using Ethereum (which uses blockchain), all this is done with all the technology’s landmarks, namely security and traceability.

In addition to this platform, ARA also provides this ecosystem with a decentralized universal wallet, so that creators are able to receive their payments across all applications, without the need for a traditional bank. ARA features its own cryptocurrency which, just like other cryptocoins, allows for immediate payments, meaning no creator has to wait to be paid.

But, other than the obvious benefits, ARA is also quite interesting for end users. By using their computers or other devices to passively share files or process actions (which can happen even while they are sleeping), they are rewarded by the platform, in the form of the platform’s cryptocurrency, ARA tokens.

ARA can truly represent a revolution to the content creation and sharing niche, by completely changing the way media is shared, consumed, and monetized. This new model tips the scale more towards the creators, rather than to the big middlemen companies, like the current system does. With this in mind, be sure to keep an eye out for ARA – chances are it will soon be buzzing.

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