Business Tech

Entrepreneurship problems are part of the deal, says Ryan Wiik

A lot of people wish to be entrepreneurs but constantly dream about having perfect experiences. This is not good, for two reasons especially: for starters, it is very far from the reality of any entrepreneurs and, secondly, the problems are an important part of the learning process, according to the businessman and entrepreneur Ryan Wiik. Wiik is the founder of WR Entertainment, an independent…
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Android Games

8 Best Android Games Without internet

Gamers spend a large amount of time on their devices playing as many gamesas they can. Most of these games are connected to the internet and on days when you do not have internet connectivity or your connectivity to the internet is limited, it could get really…
Library Apps

Bibliotech Brings Libraries to the 21st Century

Imagine having a Spotify-like application but applied to your school’s library: possessing the ability to access the digital version of the publications available in the library. Better yet, having access to them without physically having to go to the library building…