ClearCoin is Bringing Blockchain to the World of Advertisement

Despite being under the spotlight in recent times, with the rise and fall of Bitcoin’s value, the true concept of blockchain is still not well understood by many, including the huge potential lying in that technology. Blockchain is indeed a very important part of Bitcoin, but it is now well beyond just being a system for exchanging virtual coins with confidence and security. It is described…
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Unused Backyard Space? Cover Can Help

If you are a villa owner, you know just how handy having a garden and/or backyard is. All that extra space is quite useful for many things, such as letting your kids play freely, parking your car, build a pool, and many more options. But many people fail to take into…
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How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes

Despite the occasional controversies that sometimes involve Instagram, this social network remains one of the most popular today. The photo-sharing network has not only gained strength and space in online and offline media, but increasingly attracts the attention of…