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Avenue Planet Lets You (Virtually) Travel and Shop Around the World

Travelling and knowing other countries are activities that most people like to do, albeit not everyone can afford it. With the growth of the Internet, we witnessed the emergence of several tools that allow people to, from their browser, explore several places all over the world.

But these tools are nothing when compared to what Avenue Planet can do. This “experience hub” offers an experience like no other, where people can, with the help of Virtual Reality (VR), visit some of the most popular avenues from several countries. This might not be astounding news, but here is the catch: users can make purchases while they are there.

Avenue Planet’s platform leverages the power of VR (and, soon, Mixed Reality), to allow people to visit avenues and the stores that are there. If they go inside, they can then make purchases, as if they were physically inside the store. This is possible due to partnerships with several stores, and has the potential to mark a new standard in the online shopping industry.

For the moment, Avenue Planet only offers one avenue. With the company being based in Miami, Bruno Costa Carvalho, one of the co-founders, explains the choice for that first avenue:

“It gives us great pleasure to be launching Avenue Planet and the first Virtual Avenue, Miami’s very own Lincoln Road. Users are going to be able to live experiences, interact with brands and consume the best content ever from the comfort of their own homes.”

Sanjay Daswani, the other co-founder, shared his views on how Avenue Planet can be a game-changer:

“Our VR content hub is going to change the world of entertainment. For the first time, users will be able to discover, browse and consume on impulse in the same way we do in the real world. Furthermore, having created the first true VR payment system to enable V-Commerce, users can transact on the platform creating a simple and intuitive user experience. Welcome to the digital revolution.”

Avenue Planet is currently available for Android and Samsung Gear VR’s Oculus Platform. In order to access the latter version, users need to request an invitation. The company is planning to release new versions, compatible with Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and other VR platforms, very soon.

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