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Bibliotech Brings Libraries to the 21st Century

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Imagine having a Spotify-like application but applied to your school’s library: possessing the ability to access the digital version of the publications available in the library. Better yet, having access to them without physically having to go to the library building, receiving the content quickly and easily in your computer, tablet or smartphone.

There is no need to imagine it anymore, because Bibliotech is the real thing – a platform devised by students from Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, who came up with this idea and founded their startup thanks to the University of Oxford Innovation Fund. From there they turned Bibliotech into a real business, that has just received $4.2 million to continue its expansion, for the London and Chicago offices.

By having built strong relationships with every major publisher, Bibliotech is actually able to accommodate most (if not all) of a library’s catalog, and it can fully integrate with existing library systems. By using this platform, libraries can distribute their content to their patrons for free, with no added costs at all.

Thanks to a specific app available for desktop, iOS and Android, patrons can easily order and access publications – in fact, stats show that 96% of students say they read more using Bibliotech, and 91% of students believe this platform helped them improve their grades.

From the app, users can easily browse through a library’s catalog, in order to select exactly what they want. With a single click, all books can be selected for offline access, which makes it possible for them to be read even when there is no Internet access. Last but not least, the app allows users to highlight and comment the content of the publications, making it easier to study and take notes.

Students can also subscribe to Bibliotech even if their library does not have the platform. Plans start at £2.99 per month, and provide students with unlimited access to all books as well as access to Bibliotech’s app.

Bibliotech truly solves a few problems that libraries have in their current state, leveraging the power of technology to make books and other publications from libraries way more accessible to its patrons. Already deployed in the New York University and Oxford University, among others, this platform really has the potential to make life easier for all students and library patrons.

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