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Bubblo is the Discovery App of the Future

Bubblo Discovery App

Bubblo app and blockchainFor all those people that go out and want a recommendation for the best restaurant to dine on or the best bar to go to, there are already several options available in the market. However, most (if not all) of them do not really reward the input of data by the users, which contributes to some reduced accuracy and continuity in the information submission process.

To solve this problem and develop a platform that is as efficient and reliable as possible, Bubblo harness the power of AI and blockchain to produce the world’s most innovative marketplace for the discovery, analysis and exchange of data. In addition, to make sure users are incentivized to repeatedly submit data, and also ensure that the quality of that data is top notch.

Bubblo’s technological side, which uses AI and IBM Watson, goes through all the data that is constantly being fed to the platform by its users, and produces recommendations that are tailored to the users asking for them. Users who submit data are rewarded with Bubblo’s very own digital currency, which is in its pre-sale phase, which can then be redeemed for discounts or additional rewards next to vendors and merchants.

Through the power of AI, venues are ranked based on the crunch of a wide array of data, which includes check-ins, ratings, social media popularity, and user preference data. All this is aggregated not only from Bubblo itself, but also from a myriad of existing digital and social media sources. The platform then displays just the top 5 places based on user preferences.

This platform is currently in its growth stage, following a quite successful launch party in this year’s edition of the Coachella festival, which included the presence of Beyonce, Drake and other stars. To ensure its legality and proper function, Bubblo works with top legal and accounting firms, and also has close ties with several financial companies such as Binance, OkEx, Bancor or T0.

Considering all of its features, Bubblo surely has the potential to be disrupting in its niche, perhaps even displacing other well-known and powerful competitors who currently lead the market.

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