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Can Siri Retain its Top Position?

Siri was launched first time by Apple in iPhone 4s in 2011. You can easily talk to Siri like you are talking to a friend and it can do different tasks for you on your iPhone. Siri was considered as the most innovative thing few years back. It was first of its kind software that get things done for you with just a small instructions. You can easily type your message, get directions and ask her about anything.

Downfall of Siri

However, Siri usage did not improved in the past few years. Hence, many iPhone users are losing their interest in this software. Siri can launch an app, but it cannot operate the app. Despite many years, Siri cannot integrate with 1.5 million apps present on the store. Most worrying this for Apple is the rise of competitors against Siri. Amazon recently launched Chatty speaker that has got capability to outdate Siri. Hence, Apple need to take some dramatic steps.

Siri Revival

On 13th of June, Apple is expected to make big announcement related to Siri. It is going to open Siri for third party developers. If that happens, it will be a very smart move by the Company. It will open new horizons for Siri. It will give software development kit to Siri that would result in revival of this app.

Why Opening to third party developer is not enough

Opening for third party developers will be a good step; however, many experts do not find this step adequate by Apple Company. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at rapid pace and there is a lot of room for Siri to learn through AI. Siri level of communication within iPhone has no enough room for improvement through learning. It only works as an answering machine. Siri do not have enough ability to hold up conversation itself. It cannot also keep the users engaged for a longer period of time.

Why Secrecy Policy of Apple is not working

The main reason that experts believe for slow evolution of Siri is Apple’s secrecy policy. The employees of Apple have to keep their work and research secret. “This policy have impacted Apple Siri technology,” quoted one senior AI expert in this field. Apple is still looking for some good talent in Artificial Intelligence, as there is a resource crunch of AI experts in the Company. The competition of Apple in AI is not only with Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft. Even small startups backed up by industry are picking up good AI talent.

Siri in other devices and large user base

Apple is also planning to bring Siri in MacBook and its other devices. The positive thing to ponder upon related to Siri is that it has got a large user base. People still use it for everyday tasks. If Siri is able to engage its user base in a more useful way, it is going to retain its leadership as Smartphone AI assistant. With every new model of iPhone release, Apple Company must ensure that Siri come with new features. It will help Apple to make this software more efficient and user friendly. Siri should become everyday partner of Apple users. This is the only way Apple can retain its hegemony and can compete with big companies in Artificial Intelligence technology.

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