Pokémon Go: The Craziest Game To Play

Few weeks ago, Pokémon break the internet due to massive download by users. Just within one day, Pokémon Go beated Clash Royale which was rated as the most popular game of 2016. In just one week, Pokémon Go was able to get the highest number of users in the world. Pokémon Go is considered to be the craziest and the most addictive application. It is available on Android and iOS store for free.
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This Insurance is Aimed at Pokémon Go Players

Just seven days after the official launch, Pokémon Go, the latest name in from the Nintendo’s franchise, was already a global phenomenon. In the United States, for example, the game has already crushed the mark of 65 million users, surpassing the Tinder app in a number of…

Most Popular phones of all times

Some phones become well-liked, while few phones become most popular. You can see most popular phones every day in someone’s hand. Here are some of the most popular Phones of all time that are present in the market or have ruled the market previously. Samsung Galaxy S…

Gionee M6 Opens Way for Safer Smartphones

According to a research by McAfee, about two-thirds of smartphones around the world have some kind of security installed. However, most of the times that is not enough to hold hackers who want to invade those devices, because hackers are getting more and more resourceful and…

Top Laptops for Gaming 2016

There was a time when desktop computers were most suitable for gaming purpose. However, now you can find best laptops in the market which works like high end desktop computers. It means that you do not have to buy monitor and desktop case for gaming purpose and your gaming…

What new to expect in iPhone 7

iPhone 6 did not went up as per expectations in terms of profits. Apple Company for the first time saw decline in its year to year sales after the release of iPhone 6. The new iPhone 7 is planned to overcome this unexpected trend. So what is expected from the new iPhone 7 is…
Gaming Apps

Top apps for Game of Thrones addicts

The biggest news for Game of Thrones fans two weeks back was that John Snow is alive. Yes, it was a relief and it put more energy in season 7. Game of Thrones is the most watched season around the world. Season 2 has been downloaded 25+ million times. The addiction of fans…