Open Source

Top 2 reasons you need to Opt for Odoo

You are familiar with SAAS, and other ERP software used in different companies and organizational ERPs platform. but you might not be familiar with what is Odoo and its role. Today we are going to know about All-in-one management software called Odoo. Odoo is also an open source ERP software or a suite of business applications. These applications include Sales, Project Management, CRM…
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Online Games are Becoming a Target for Hacker Attacks

The notion of online games being targeted by hacker-attacks may seem a little far-fetched, but it is a reality. With its ever-growing community and billions of dollars in revenue, this industry positions itself as a natural “candidate” for this type of security…

Is Apple Losing Innovation In Its Products

Apple Company is showing poor performance from the last two quarters. They are in no comparison to profits that Apple earned two years ago. Tough competition is one reason; however, Apple according to many experts is not performing well under its new CEO. Recently, a popular…