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ClearCoin is Bringing Blockchain to the World of Advertisement

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Despite being under the spotlight in recent times, with the rise and fall of Bitcoin’s value, the true concept of blockchain is still not well understood by many, including the huge potential lying in that technology. Blockchain is indeed a very important part of Bitcoin, but it is now well beyond just being a system for exchanging virtual coins with confidence and security.

It is described as a decentralized and encrypted network certifies that stores all transactional information among people in an immutable way, blockchain technology actually has an incredible potential to benefit our society, and it is important to understand just how it can impact our daily lives.

If, up until recently, blockchain’s potential was just theoretical, there are now a few startups that are bringing it to the real world. ClearCoin is a great example, being the first to make use of this technology in the field of advertisement. By harnessing the power of blockchain, ClearCoin makes it possible to buy and sell media on decentralized apps.

The cryptocurrency economy is one valued at around one trillion dollars, giving it a huge potential for opportunity, investment and development of new solutions and strategies. On its end, the $563 billion media and advertising industry can also benefit greatly from a technology such as blockchain.

Exploring exactly that fact, ClearCoin built a global advertising technology, using blockchain in its foundation. ClearCoin’s platform connects advertisers and publishers with ease, keeping track of all the important information, such as transactions.

ClearCoin uses its very own cryptocurrency token, which has the same name as the company and is identified by the initials CLR. This is also the only payment method available to be used in ClearCoin’s ad platform, which helps increase transparency (being a currency based on blockchain) and reduce fraud.

Behind ClearCoin is a team with a vast experience in the field of advertising technology, having worked with and for big players in that field. So, they surely know what best suits the market and, most importantly, its main problems, which this platform aims to solve, putting ClearCoin in a perfect position to take the most out of the every-growing opportunities in this field.

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