How cloud computing is transforming the entertainment industry

Cloud computing is the way through which some companies delivers hosted service over the internet. Cloud computing help companies to avoid computing infrastructure development for their business and get the service from third party vendor. It saves the companies additional cost, taxes and other complications. Cloud computing is extensively being used in the entertainment industry. […]

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5 Cloud Computing Tools for Securing your Business

A large number of cloud venders are now delivering the tools for helping the enterprises in building, managing, monitoring, tweaking and tracking the cloud services. These have been designed for helping the IT executives free up some of their budgets and use the IT staff to work on the business projects in a more strategic […]

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5 Tactful Tips for Startups in Cloud Computing

If you are starting a new business that involves technology, you can start it in The Cloud. The Cloud has a lot of benefits ranging from the very early stage of launching a website to executing the operations & activities. Low cost Cloud computing gives boost to your business. It makes resources affordable to the […]

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Cloud Servers VS Dedicated Servers

Making a choice between Cloud Server and A Dedicated Server depends on number of factors. Both these servers have limitations and leverages. Let’s differentiate between Cloud and Dedicated servers. Different types of businesses need different hosting services that should be compatible to host all the data generated every day. For websites, it depends on the […]

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Privacy and Security Concerns in Cloud Computing

Cloud, commonly known as “The Cloud” is a rented storage space on internet for individual users as well as for corporate customers. While using cloud, our data security is at risk. The important concern for us is that how we can keep our data secure. Many experts advise that we should not put extremely sensitive […]

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9 Things about Cloud Security Everybody Must Know

Whenever there is a talk about cloud, one thing that you will never be able to separate from it is cloud security. There is no doubt when cloud is brought up in conversation in an enterprise, it is followed by the discussion of how to secure it. There are some enterprises that believe cloud is […]

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Top 8 Best Practices of AWS Web Service Security Groups

AWS security group is known as the widely used and abused configurations within the AWS environment. Those of you who have been using cloud for a long time might be well familiar with all of that. The Amazon Web Services come with a secure global infrastructure and services for cloud. It lets you build a […]

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7 Reasons Why You Must Choose Cloud Computing

For any organization, data and data processing are among the significant things. If you are successfully able to manage the data at the lowest possible cost and with the least efforts, then this means you have attained success for your organization. Cloud computing solution is the new technology that means hosting of data and services […]

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5 Common Cloud Security Threats to Watch Out For

Ever since the cloud computing solutions have been introduced, they have changed the way small and large businesses work today. Cloud indeed comes with lots of benefits which are hard to ignore but there are tons of concerns when it comes to the cloud security. The cloud security alliance has come with some of the […]

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Is Cloud Computing Really Safe To Choose?

There are two kinds of computing environment. The first one is on-premises computing which is similar to traditional computing in which your company owns or manages its system. The applications and data files are located at your own premises which is either the local area network or your individual PC. The second one is cloud […]

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