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StickerRide is a company that offers targeted and efficient on-vehicle advertising, being the absolute first of this kind in the industry of advertisement. It has recently reached the American market, starting with the Los Angeles area. Being used by over 70,000 drivers worldwide, and having recently entered the US market, it has secured some huge clients, from different fields such as banking, telecom, and film.

Just recently, they carried out a survey with 400 consumers (aged +18) from the US market, about trends and opportunities in the outdoor advertising industry. Results are very interesting, clearly indicating that traditional methods of outdoor advertising, such as billboards, may be outdated, and also not meeting the expectations of consumers.

52% of respondents stated that they see outdoor advertising “all the time”, and another 25% said they see it “quite often”. Yet another interesting finding is how differently consumers perceive various advertising formats.

Participants were shown three pairs of outdoor advertisements, where each pair consisted of one traditional billboard and one new-format outdoor advertisement. Given StickerRide’s features, that “new-format” was an edgy sticker shown on the side of a car. Both ads in each pair promoted the same product, and most people preferred the car advertisement.

When asked to describe the old outdoor advertisement methods, 51% of consumers used the word “conventional” to describe billboard advertising, while almost 10% went further and used the word “boring”. When asked to describe on-vehicle advertising with one word, 38% went with “unusual” and 36% with “catchy”.

These results provide incredibly useful insights for this industry’s professionals, who can leverage them to drop the old ways and get deeper insights on what the industry has to offer that is new. This is something that Mikhail Marchenko, co-founder of StickerRide, clearly agrees with:

In an increasingly crowded advertising landscape, finding a format that catches consumerseyes is more important than ever. These survey results show that outdoor advertising has the potential to do just that, but only if it is done in unique, cutting-edge ways. Conventional simply is not going to cut it anymore.

We are excited to be showing ads in a way that excites consumers. By doing so, we are offering advertisers a new channel for increasing brand awareness and engagement. And brands do not just have to take our word for it. Outdoor advertising is eye-catching and supported by digital tools and hard numbers. The proof is in the metrics.


StickerRide is a mobile application and advertising platform connecting brands with drivers to create effective on-vehicle advertising and increase target audience involvement. It simultaneously helps drivers earn money on gasoline, parking, and car washes as they drive and create brand ambassadors, ready to advertise and recommend their beloved brand to an audience.

How it works? When a brand initiates a campaign, StickerRide develops sticker designs. Then drivers just choose the campaigns of the brands they like, get stickers installed on their cars and drive as usual. From that point on the brands receive loyal brand ambassadors on the streets, where everyone can see them.

StickerRide gives driver points per each mile they drive, depending on where and when do the ride. Those who want bigger earnings can also take part in specialized campaigns like quests and flash mob, where, for instance, they are required to be in a certain location. The best thing is that campaigns can be managed in real-time, as StickerRide also tracks the effectiveness of its advertising.

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