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Entrepreneurship problems are part of the deal, says Ryan Wiik

Ryan Wiik

A lot of people wish to be entrepreneurs but constantly dream about having perfect experiences. This is not good, for two reasons especially: for starters, it is very far from the reality of any entrepreneurs and, secondly, the problems are an important part of the learning process, according to the businessman and entrepreneur Ryan Wiik.

Wiik is the founder of WR Entertainment, an independent movie production company and, even though he is not part of the company anymore and the fact that he went through a few rough patches in recent times, he believes that all these problems end up having a beneficial side:

“(…) those are the perks of merely any journey you might take, of every venture you might launch yourself into. And, as Steve Jobs used to say, “you can only connect the dots afterwards”. So, it was only after I resigned from the business I created, that I learned I had to gradually show the results of my work to the people – especially to those that believed and invested into the venture. Else, they might say that you did not fulfill your commitments.”

It may seem silly but, in many situations, and especially when we need to deal with problems, we tend to focus on the problem, leaving aside the search for solutions. The right call is to seek to understand the problem and its causes. After this, it is important to really focus on solutions. Forget the harm it may be causing and begin to glimpse the opportunities that may be generating.

This is exactly what Wiik has done. After going through a rough patch in his professional life, which eventually led to his removal of the company he created, he is still purchasing the same goals that led him to creating the company in the first place: give artists their creativity back which, according to him, gets pulled from them in the Hollywood industry.

Staying true to his words, Wiik will undoubtedly create something new and very impactful soon enough. Problems are present in the life of an entrepreneur, but the key is understanding what is the best way to get back up again.

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