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Essential tips and tools for Securing your WordPress site

If you are a WordPress developer, you are required to push all the regular updates for patching up the unknown vulnerabilities. Even though you are doing it frequently, it is still not enough to secure your website. With Plugins, you can easily add extra layer of security to your website. But there is more to it, you are required to follow some of the best practices for securing your website which have been discussed below:

Pick a unique user name and password

Your WordPress WP-admin panel must have a unique username and password. Never use the default admin username. In case you didn’t know that and you have set the username to admin, then don’t worry, there are plugins available through which you can change the username and select something that is secure.

Secure the login page

In order to do that, you are supposed to change the default link to the login of WordPress. This can be done manually if you are a developer or if you have sound knowledge on WordPress. However, if you are not either one of them, there is no need to worry, the plugins are available for this purpose. Once you have these plugins, then you have to perform simple clicks and you will get to change the WordPress URL easily. In order to gain more security, you are required to use the 2-factor authentication. You will need a user login and a unique code which is sent to your mobile device. This will double up the authentication.

Choose the themes wisely

Everyone wants their website to look unique right but when you are choosing a theme, you must be careful. It is recommended to choose the right one. Along with that, you must update and maintain the themes widely. There are some people who use the cracked version of the paid plugins and themes but the sad thing is that they don’t really know that these themes can open the path for hackers to attack or hack your website.

Ensure the protection of the database

In order to keep the posts safe and secure for future retrieval, it is recommended to create a backup for your database. In case your website is hacked, you will have its copy. But make sure that you choose the right plugins otherwise your website is going to be at stake. It is recommended that you change the prefixes of your website. In case you are unable you perform the change, do not perform it manually. It is further best to limit using plugins for your website. If you have more plugins in your website, then you are compromising on the security.

Limit the login attempt

In case you log in again and again, your IP will be banned for a few hours. If it is a hacker who is trying to log in, then you are in trouble. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use the limit log in attempts plugin. that’s how you are website is going to be secure.

Secure from DDoS attacks and Brute Force

DDoS attack takes your website down whereas Brute Force attack gains access to the account of someone on the website. There are plenty of plugins available that can help you prevent these attacks. There are plugins available that can offer you protection against the botnet attacks. Through these plugins, you can easily block an IP address so that you can prevent malicious activities and login attempts on the website.

There are plenty of other plugins available that can help you in further securing your website. All WordPress owners are suggested to keep in touch with the tech news to learn about the latest plugins.

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