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Future Technologies Expected in the upcoming Smartphones

Smartphones are slightly becoming boring. When we hear about some new model, only difference we find between old and new is improved battery timing, camera etc. Smartphones have evolved in the last two decades. In future, the speed of their evolution is expected to increase. Here are some of the few technologies that are expected to be available commonly in the upcoming Smartphones.

AR (Augmented reality)

AR (Augmented reality)

Augmented reality combines real world with virtual world. It is done by using computer-generated sensors. Such sensors can be graphics, video, sound etc. GPS data is used to give more reality and insights. One common example of augmented reality can be scores of a soccer match appearing on your television screen. The information of real world in fact becomes more appealing, comprehensive and manipulative through augmented reality.

Seamless voice Control

Seamless voice Control

Voice control application is becoming common in cell phones. Voice control helps you to operate your phone through your voice. You can make phone calls, search on internet, enable lock etc. Siri is one popular example of such software. It can help iOs users in performing number of tasks. Android also have similar Google Voice software. However, it is not as much efficient as Siri. In future, it is expected that seamless voice control software will become prevalent. Unlike Siri, they will also have gesture recognition ability. Users will just have to show gesture to their phone in order to make them perform their intended task. Such technology might decrease the use of voice control software’s.

cloud storage in mobilephones

Cloud storage technology in Smartphones

Companies are working on increasing storage in Smartphones. Cloud storage for phones might become common soon, as companies are intending to increase the storage of the phone to 100 GB. The backup of the data is made in the cloud. Internal storage will still be required for issues pertaining to important components of device. However, all of your other data can be stored in cloud storage.

flexible screen

Flexible screen Smartphones

Smartphones have become very slim and lightweight in the past few years. Their next expected physical evolution will be flexibility. Unlike long and straight phones, we might see folding Smartphones in the market soon. Wearable Smartphones are also expected to hit the market. Hence, the newer technology might work as a multipurpose device. it can be converted into a wrist watch and back into your Smartphone easily. Many experts are expecting future Smartphones just like papers. They could be easily folded and unfolded when required.

holograms in smartphone

Holograms and 3D screens

The screen resolution and other features of Smartphones have dramatically increased. However, it is expected in near future that features of your Smartphone will move from 2D to 3D screens. Although, there are couple of Smartphones in the market that already have 3D screen. However, they are not much common. Their number is set to increase very soon.

Moreover, holograms are going to outdate 3D screens. There are few manual ways through which you can turn your phone into hologram. However, with this technology incorporated in your phone, you will no longer be required to use paper and scissors to see holograms images in your Smartphone.

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