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Most of the times, people who are not in the field would like to be more into Science, but find it hard to do. Either because they do not have the time to get deep into it, or because they find the subjects a bit too hard to grasp, they end up not pursuing that intent, leaving that curiosity unsatisfied.

However, now there is hardly any excuse to not get into the sciences, and Chemistry in particular. MEL Science is a company that, twice a month, delivers science projects to your doorstep. Just recently, MEL Science has secured a round of funding, getting $2.5 million from Sistema Venture Capital. As the company says, they plan to use these resources to launch new products in other areas of science, continue developing their VR software and expand their team.

MEL Chemistry, as it is called, consists of intricate and interesting chemical experiments to try at home, appealing both for kids and adults. MEL Chemistry works on a subscription-based model, where clients first receive a starter kit, which features the equipment needed to perform all the experiments that will arrive in further deliveries. Then, two times per month, new and exciting experiments are delivered, so that the fun and the discovery process never stop.

Nonetheless, MEL Chemistry is more than just the experiment kits. It takes advantage of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to bring an additional level of amazingness to the table, with the use of a mobile app (available both for iOS and Android).

With the use of the app and Google Cardboard VR goggles (included in the starter kit), the whole experience becomes more immersive and technological. Inside the app, users have access to other great contents, such as 3D models of molecules and other interesting videos, which show reactions happening in a unique way.

One of the interesting interconnections between their software and physical objects is MEL Codes, proprietary codes which give users the possibility to easily identify the molecular composition of the reagents used in a MEL Science experiment.

They can be used with the bottles coming in the experiments – users just need to place them next to a smartphone or tablet, and the app will quickly reveal the molecule of the substance inside. This can also work with other objects, such as sugar or salt. For those, the app will also reveal molecular information and show a 3D model of that molecule.

Vassili Philippov, founder and CEO of MEL Science, explains the importance of MEL Science: “First you touch the science physically with your hands, then you can look inside and see the processes at the molecular level. This combination of practical training and virtual reality is the ideal form of learning. It helps you not just memorize but actually understand the essence of the event.” Philippov added, “Now, we’ve chosen Sistema Venture Capital as our investor and partner to strengthen our technological expertise and to obtain support for active business development.”

“We have know Vassili for many years and we believe in his ability to create companies and lead them to success,” Alexei Katkov, President of the Sistema Venture Capital, said. “We think MEL Science’s chemistry kits are a product of the future, which perfectly reflects our investment philosophy. We all have children and we want them to get the best education, no matter where in the world they live and what opportunities they have for learning.”

MEL Science portfolio currently consists of 38 interactive chemistry sets, and is the first service of its kind to actually teach chemistry, instead of “cheesy” tricks. It is the only chemistry set ever recommended by Science Magazine, which is a clear sign of quality.

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