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Guin Records is a Label Showcasing the Music of Deserving Artists

Guin Records

Congratulations, you created a song. But how do you publish it? How do you manage it? How do you fulfill requests to use it in various formats such as TV, advertising, cinema, and more? If you are an independent player it can be difficult to find a platform to get your music out there. But in this digital age, independent labels have a much stronger influence on new artists than ever before.

A record label plays an important role in the music industry, however, most of them are only accessible to big-name artists. Guin Records is an example of a label doing things quite differently. Founded in the West Coast by sibling entrepreneurs Milan and Misha Kordestani, this independent label provides all the necessary music-related services to new artists from around the world in the hip-hop and R&B genres. These services include first class production, promotion and distribution, among others.

Guin Records has an interesting origin, as it started from two young music-loving students with a passion for discovering new artists. During his first year in college, Milan had the idea to create a platform for unknown artists to share their unique voices in the midst of a content-cluttered digital age. He turned to his sister Misha, who has the knack for picking out the next big hit for guidance. The consultation soon turned into a partnership and they embarked on their new project to create a record label that would give these artists the opportunity to be heard.

Guin Records made its debut with a collaborative hip-hop album called “Uncharted”, which can be sampled on Soundcloud and is available on Spotify and iTunes. This album features multiple rap and hip-hop artists, including the radical hip-hop group Prospectz Nation (which includes rappers Chillz Muzik and Jordan Harter). Speaking about this project, Misha Kordestani stated:

“We discovered Prospectz Nation while listening through various demos sent by artists, and this song Wave really stood out. We decided to buy the rights to the song and are excited to share it with the music community.”

A label giving opportunities to much deserving unknown artists is a very positive thing and can be a breath of fresh air in this industry, which is sometimes accused of being a bit outdated and too tied to financial aspects. With the help of Guin Records, hip-hop and R&B fans can surely expect more quality music to come out in the future.

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