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How to make the most out of WordPress Plugins?

There are about 25,000 plugins for WordPress available and we must say, the sky is the limit here. For any individual, it can get overwhelming to see so many options. The truth is, if you are not careful enough, then these plugins can bring side effects too. With careful selection, you can enjoy extra functionality and avoid all the pitfalls that may come in your way.

Updating your Plugins

Although it is obvious but many people neglect this feature. Keeping the plugin updated is quite vital for both the functionality and security of the WordPress website. If the plugin is out of date, then the security of your website is going to become weak. Periodically checking the plugins is a good idea. If you find some plugins that have not been updated from a long time, then it is recommended to remove them. This is a rule of thumb for using plugins.

Deactivate the Backend Plugins

There are certain plugins which are a strain on the resources of a website. Even if the strain is minor, you should not ignore them. The ideal situation would be to activate the backend plugins when you actually need them. There are tools available which automatically scan your plugins and give you details about which ones are resource intensive. Then, you can make the right decision of whether to keep them or remove them. The key is your website should contain only those plugins which you are going to use.

Number of Plugins you are using does not matter

A plugin is basically an extra code which you use on your site. It really does not matter how many plugins you are using at your site. What really matters is how you make use of them. It is best if you take a start with just 5 of the best ones and make the most out of them. Be careful about what plugins you are installing instead of thinking on how many you should use.

Premium is not always best

It is a common psychology that value is influenced by cost. People think that the free plugins are not that good. They will make a difference at their website only if they will be using the premium version. But keep in mind that just because you are being charged for the plugin, that does not make it good. All you have to do is be sure that the functionality is best, it comes with consistent updates and support is top notch.

Tips for Choosing the Best Plugins

  • The first thing that you need to do for choosing the best plugins is to take a look at the reviews and ratings. There are plenty of forums available that can let you decide whether or not the plugin is going to be functional for your website.
  • Another thing that you can do is to check the stats. If the number of downloads is high for the plugin, that means the plugin is good. But don’t just choose it on the basis of the number of downloads. You must also be sure that the last update of the plugin was recent and it is well tested.

Having Trouble with Your Plugin?

Sometimes, even the best plugins can cause trouble. Don’t worry that does not mean they are not useful anymore. Here is a simple way through which you can get them running. Try to deactivate the plugin and look for the problem. If you happen to find the source of the problem, then it can be removed as well.

Always keep in touch with the tech news to learn about the latest releases of the plugins.

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