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If you are a ICO Investor, Zilla is the Tool of Your Dreams

ICO offering by Zilla

Zilla Investment too|BlockchainICOs are a new way to raise money to start a project or fund a startup, where people from around the world can invest without the bureaucratic limitations, because it uses the blockchain technology. They work similarly to crowdfunding, but here every investor in the project receives a token, which is similar to the stock of publicly traded companies.

Tokens represent the investment of each person, and they have the potential to increase their value according to the number of investors who want to finance the project throughout its development and execution. One of the biggest issues that investors face is knowing where to invest, from the many offers of tokens that appear on the internet every week.

A product that can certainly help investors with this is Zilla, which was funded in Singapore back in 2017 and makes token sales easy to monitor and understand. Inside Zilla, every token negotiation and transaction are made will full transparency, with no shady communication tools.

Project developers should also look at Zilla, because it really makes it easy to communicate with investors and create buzz for their ICOs. In addition, this platform gets rids of all possible scamming, because of its zero tolerance regarding the subject. Fees are attractive for developers, going to as little as 1% and, with the help of localization, it is possible to easily attract international investors.

For investors, Zilla is the best way to keep track of all their ICO investments, as well as get some feedback about the legitimacy of a given ICO. Given that there is no central authority to control the ICO market, Zilla can be used for that purpose.

Currently Zilla is only available for iOS, with the app being in its beta version. The Android version is under development and should be rolled out soon – for now, pre-registration for it is available via the same link.

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