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If You Want a Relationship, Your Genes can be the Best Wingmen

DND Romance a Dating App

If you are going a rough patch in terms of relationships, then a dating app or service may be the way to go. That has likely cross your mind, but what you do not know is that, in order to be successful at finding a match, you need nothing other than yourself – your genes and the information they contain, to be more precise.

With DNA Romance, matchmaking is done using genetic information, using the knowledge gathered over the years by Dr. Timothy Sexton, a co-founder, and well-established and sound science. This is, of course, done with the assistance of a computer algorithm, which ensures the matchmaking process is faster and more effective.

DNA Romance is a revolutionary platform, now leader of the DNA-related matchmaking market segment. But, earlier this year, a participation in the Canadian version of Dragon’s Den turned out to be unsuccessful, as Dragons apparently failed to see the true value of this platform and decided not to make any investment on it.

This platform promises to deliver interesting results to its users, as users only get matches with people that are compatible with them. This compatibility level is not only assessed via the genetic information, but also with the information provided by the a Myers-Briggs personality test that users carry out.

If the user has already undergone DNA testing, from a service such as 23andMe, then that info will be used with DNA Romance. If that is not the case, then a new testing is required, which can be obtained directly from the platform’s website.

The first three matches are free for everyone and, from then on, users are required to pay a small monthly fee in order to obtain additional matches. So, if you want to give your own genes a try in helping with your love life, give them a chance and see how DNA Romance can help.

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