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Importance of Safety Signage

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Understanding safety signs at a workplace is crucial for employees and customers, both. In the last decade, a lot of improvement has been seen in the safety sign industry. The primary purpose of displaying Safety Signs is to prevent injury to the work staff. Visitors and employees are made aware of the possible dangers ahead of time, giving them ample room to take precautions. Without safety signage, employees are left without direction in times of crises. The panic of a crisis situation makes you forget where the emergency exit is or what to do to protect yourself, so placing creative safety signs in the hallway and doors is important. Bright, large font should be used to improve readability.

Safety Signs as Safety Communication Tools

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Shapes, symbols, and the like are effective safety communication tools. They help in indicating various hazards and potential dangers present at a plant site. Required information is displayed onto the safety signs. Information is kept short and to-the-point, so no time is wasted and information is communicated to the reader.

Workers’ safety awareness is created and promoted by safety signs and symbols. These safety symbols play an important role in informing workers of the hazards present, in accordance with the employer’s responsibility. The employer has to tell all his employees about the looming dangers and the potential hazards. If that is not done, the employer can face legal action in the case of injuries.

Purpose of Safety Signs in The Workplace

The purpose of installing safety signs in the workplace is to ensure safety- warning workers who may be exposed to hazards. Usually, offices and plant sites do not have a mechanism to announce an emergency or inform people via memos. It can be tedious and time consuming. That is why safety signs are needed.

Businesses often use safety signs as a strong communication channel for the purpose of instructing employees what to do and what not to do. However, manufacturers need to observe strict adherence to the established safety codes and guidelines.

Warning the Employees of Potential Hazards

The hazard sign you see on a black and yellow board are mostly ones that are warning signs. These signs don’t necessarily indicate a life-threatening danger but they do warn about mild-level dangers like slippery floors, leaky pipes or flammable material.

A warning triangle which is black and yellow in color, with a black border signifies all potential hazards. Warning signs can be generic and just have “Danger” written on them, or they can be more specific, such as “Danger High Voltage” and “Low Visibility Area”.


Wayfinding is designed to shuttle workers from point A to point B. It is another name for navigating the users to a safer place by using signs. For example, glow-in-the-dark stickers on the floor light up if the power goes out, helping clueless employees find their way out.

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Safety signs don’t just warn the people about hazards, they help to promote a culture of safety. This is done by mitigating danger and promoting safe work practices across the workplace. Imagine the scenario of a construction site. It’s the first day for a new employee and he is unaware of the various dangers of a construction environment, yet finds no signage to guide him through. There are no guidelines to familiarize him with the safety rules. The best way to do that is by pasting safety signs all over the place. 

Safety Decals are easy to install. They stay put in their place and there is no fear of them ripping away easily. Contact your local signage company and order a customized safety decal for your workplace today and improve your workplace safety environment.

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