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The Indie Party Wants to Bring a new Paradigm to American Politics

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It is well known that the political system of the United States of America is somewhat particular, especially the fact that it only has two (major) parties. Republicans and Democrats are the ones who, historically, run the destiny of the country, with no other party even coming close to discuss any election.

This is a somewhat strange system for the rest of the world and, as it seems, Americans begin to think so as well. Last year, Gallup conducted a survey, and the results shown that nearly 60% of Americans think that a third party is needed for the country’s democracy – maybe that spot can be taken by The Indie Party, the latest party in the US that was presented in this year’s edition of the SWSX festival.

The Indie Party is a new movement in American politics, aiming to bring new methodologies and innovations to the country’s political scene. It harnesses the power of groundbreaking technologies, such as blockchain, to increase transparency both in and outside the party itself.

This party values donors and door knockers in the exact same way, giving them the same benefits. With the use of its own ICO token, Indie Token (IND), The Indie Party rewards donors and volunteers who perform tasks for the party. Volunteers can also sell their tokens to donors, thus having a second way of being rewarded.

The Indie Party also has an entire marketplace set up, so that Indie Tokens can be used to fund candidates and solutions they support, among other options. In addition to funding, users can also submit their own proposals directly to the party, as having a direct communication channel is a must for the party.

Already trying to run for an election is Jonathan Jenkins, who is trying to have a place in the 2018 General Election in Texas. Jenkins has, as happens with any candidate for this party, access to added resources through the Indie Token, all done in a clear and transparent way, thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

Can the Indie Party have a real impact on the American politics? Only time will tell but, at least for now, the fact that this party uses a transparent funding and operating system needs to be praised, and should have a great degree of adoption, especially among the young citizens.

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