Top 8 Tips for Keeping your Smartphone Safe while Traveling

Only 10 years ago, losing a mobile phone meant staying without the most convenient way of getting in touch with others; today, it means being robbed of security. We’ve grown so accustomed to relying on our smartphones for safe storage that both our professional and personal lives are now unimaginable without our portable devices. From […]

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Time for an Upgrade – Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Phone

Some people don’t feel the need to have cutting-edge technology in their hands, and if you’re anything like me you know they are missing out a lot – this fast growing world of unbelievable smartphones can’t be left as an unexplored territory. Therefore, a person who’s crazy about technology can’t really settle for a regular […]

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Avenue Planet Lets You (Virtually) Travel and Shop Around the World

Travelling and knowing other countries are activities that most people like to do, albeit not everyone can afford it. With the growth of the Internet, we witnessed the emergence of several tools that allow people to, from their browser, explore several places all over the world. But these tools are nothing when compared to what […]

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Do cyber crime impact online shopping and activities

Cyber crime is any criminal activity that is carried out by the use of computer and internet. With the increase use of internet, cyber crimes have also increased. It is the easiest way for criminals to make large amount of money, without getting traced. According to a recent survey, one out of 10 people in […]

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New features of Facebook that you might have missed

Facebook is the largest social media networking site according to statista website. In April 2016, it had the highest number of active accounts. Currently it has 1.59 billion active users. Facebook has not been superseded by any other website, just because it has updated itself regularly with new features. Every month, we usually see something […]

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Pyrus Has The Recipe to Avoid an Inbox Overload

We all know just how easy it is to get our inbox overloaded with unread emails, these days. We have dozens or even hundreds of contacts, so obtaining a clean inbox can be a very tedious and even impossible task, at least with no “external” help. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this from happening, […]

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Here are Some of the Downsides of Becoming a Freelancer

When a worker thinks about becoming a freelancer, soon great ideas come to mind about how great that work will be, with no strict schedules, deadlines or tasks and imposed tasks. However, this idea is often wrong, as this kind of work does not exist, and is only on the imagination of those who never […]

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Why myMail is Better Than Gmail

Email management tools are a great way to easily handle your messages. However, with the huge number of apps available out there, it can be hard to know what is the best tool for you. In this article, we will be covering two of the most popular email applications, Gmail and myMail, citing the differences […]

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