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Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Really Safe To Choose?

There are two kinds of computing environment. The first one is on-premises computing which is similar to traditional computing in which your company owns or manages its system. The applications and data files are located at your own premises which is either the local area network or your individual PC. The second one is cloud computing in which the applications and other data files are held remotely. They are actually placed on the network of servers that are operated by a third party. In order to access your files, you are supposed to log into the network.

The cloud services are being offered a number of cloud hosting providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace, Amazon and more. There is nothing new about the cloud. In case you are using Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, you are already using cloud. The thing that is new is that the services are offered in the cloud environment. They go far beyond email to provide you an environment in which you can deliver tasks related to human resources, marketing and even accounting.

What Makes Cloud Computing Special?

There are several advantages of cloud computing solutions which make it special. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • You can run as well as access your files from just about anywhere
  • It is cheap and you don’t really need any technical knowledge in order to use the technology
  • You will enjoy smooth performance of your business operations
  • It is scalable. You can store as much data as you want and you can use as many applications as you want without any worry that you have to spend large amount of money.

Due to these and many other advantages, cloud computing has turned out to be of the most widely used technology. It is expected that by the year 2017, the growth rate of cloud adaptation will increase to 23.5%. Given the increased use of cloud computing, a fair question that arises in the mind that is cloud really safe to use? It may not be the most secure thing.

How is the Cloud Vulnerable?

There are some threats which anyone can be vulnerable too. As long as these threats are handled, you will enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without any worry.

Malware: This includes all the malicious content like worms, Trojan, viruses, zombies and more. These malwares give control of the computer to the malicious group.

Web App Attack: It is the type of attack in which the web-based applications are mostly targeted. It falls in the category of the most famous attacks on the internet.

Vulnerability Scan: It is an exploit that uses a special program for accessing the weakness in the computer, systems, networks and other applications for generating the information for the planning of the attack.

If you are worried about the safety of your cloud environment, there are lots of encryption software and programs available through which you can secure the cloud. There are different types of clouds available too and you can choose any you like according to your business requirements. These include private, public, cloud and hybrid. Each one of them hasits own pros and cons.

Cloud computing is one of the efficient forms of technology that is meant for promoting a strong workflow. It is a more cost-effective solution than the traditional computing solutions. There is no need to worry about the cost of hiring the IT experts for handling your system. It is agreen solution and it is becoming prevalent in a number of business organizations throughout the world. Cloud computing even saves you energy and reduce the carbon footprint.

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