Tips for IT entrepreneurs by top technological entrepreneurs

Information technology is the future of the world and many innovations are coming out of this field. However, competition is tough and not everyone can develop something like Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft. Hard work along with smart work pay offs. Success follows up after number of failures. A good mentor that can give good advice […]

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Technology firms that pay highest entry level salaries

Technology firms have become one of the biggest giants. Two decades ago, no one ever imagined about the growth of IT up to such a massive extent. Big firms like Google, Facebook etc are considered as one of the highest paying employers. However, a recent data revealed pay varies widely  and employers are not as […]

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Worried about your privacy, secure your data through encrypted email service

Privacy matter a lots nowadays. In today’s world, all of our life is spread on the internet. However, internet has become one of the least secured places. Private hackers can go deep into your systems, ranging from your emails to webcams. However, more frightening is the thought about government agencies digging in your data. The […]

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Is Cloud Computing Really Safe To Choose?

There are two kinds of computing environment. The first one is on-premises computing which is similar to traditional computing in which your company owns or manages its system. The applications and data files are located at your own premises which is either the local area network or your individual PC. The second one is cloud […]

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3D Printing Technologies – Will 2017 be a breakthrough year?

If you’ve had some knowledge on the gaining momentum of 3D printing technology, you’re most likely wondering how fast this useful technology is gaining momentum. Although few areas within this industry are over-hyped about the early development, the rate of superfast progression, consistent flow of individuals and businesses entering the periphery of 3D printing will […]

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