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Meizu’s New Speaker, Gravity, has an Amazing Sound Quality

Meizu’s Gravity Speaker

Meizu is a Chinese company founded back in 2003, which started as a manufacturer of mobile music players. It all began with simple MP3 players, but then evolved to MP4 devices. They then made a move to smartphones, with the Meizu M8, released in 2007, being the company’s first smartphone, a pioneer of the vast smartphone catalogue that was to come.

Since the M8, Meizu has come a long way in the development of smartphones throughout the years. Their latest model, Meizu PRO 6, is by far one of the best devices currently found on the market that, among other features, comes with 4GB of RAM, 3 different processors that sum up 10 cores and a primary camera with 21MP.

Last year, the company sold over 20 million phones, now clocking at more than 4000 employees and 2000 stores across China. Putting all this together, Meizu has all the potential to battle with the Chinese top-3 smartphone companies: Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo.

However, and its success in the smartphone niche, Meizu does not forget its innovative roots and is announcing Gravity, a new wireless speaker. Its revolutionary design will surely blow everyone away, and its features will make it a huge success.

But the Gravity does not only look amazing – it also sounds amazing. Getting great sound from a small speaker is hard, which is why Meizu partnered with Dirac, with 20 years of experience in acoustics. This partnership allowed Meizu to make a perfect balance between design and sound.

Gravity has speakers built especially for it, with features such as a dual passive resonance membrane, which delivers a more vigorous low frequency output. The amplifier is the latest 5­series chip from Texas Instruments, which provides a purer and clearer sound.

Meizu is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for this speaker, which eventually will retail for $249.

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