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Top 8 Tips for Keeping your Smartphone Safe while Traveling

Only 10 years ago, losing a mobile phone meant staying without the most convenient way of getting in touch with others; today, it means being robbed of security. We’ve grown so accustomed to relying on our smartphones for safe storage that both our professional and personal lives are now unimaginable without our portable devices. From […]

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Time for an Upgrade – Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Phone

Some people don’t feel the need to have cutting-edge technology in their hands, and if you’re anything like me you know they are missing out a lot – this fast growing world of unbelievable smartphones can’t be left as an unexplored territory. Therefore, a person who’s crazy about technology can’t really settle for a regular […]

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Note 8- Do Bigger things with this 6.3 inches Giant

Samsung Note 8 is a new Phablet designed and launched by Samsung in September 2017. This phone has lots of great features which others are not offering. Its designed has evolved with the bigger infinity display yet its perfect in your hand. It refines you experience and redefines what can you do with this phone. […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: A giant screen phablet with exquisite look

Samsung is performing exceptionally well. Its Galaxy s7 model went very successful and contributed a lot in the Company’s balance sheet for the first two quarters of 2016. Many experts believe that Samsung has beaten the rival Apple in the past one year with the help of innovation. Now Samsung Company has again played a […]

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Samsung is Beating All Rivals With Its Galaxy S7

Samsung is in a fierce rivalry with Apple. Both of these companies are bringing innovation in their product in order to grab each other’s market share in the niche smartphone market. Galaxy s7 by Samsung was released in February this year. It is one of the best Smartphone by Samsung. Let us quickly review its […]

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Most Popular phones of all times

Some phones become well-liked, while few phones become most popular. You can see most popular phones every day in someone’s hand. Here are some of the most popular Phones of all time that are present in the market or have ruled the market previously. Samsung Galaxy S III Although it was launched in 2012, but […]

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Gionee M6 Opens Way for Safer Smartphones

According to a research by McAfee, about two-thirds of smartphones around the world have some kind of security installed. However, most of the times that is not enough to hold hackers who want to invade those devices, because hackers are getting more and more resourceful and effective. This requires smartphone companies to change their paradigm, […]

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Solarin: Your Wait is over for the most secured Smartphone of the world

Few weeks back, a Smartphone named Solarin is launched which its maker’s claim to be the most secure Smartphone ever made in the history. A startup from Israel has been working from few years in making this gadget that is completely unbreakable. Solarin comes with Android system. Let us review it in detail in order […]

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What new to expect in iPhone 7

iPhone 6 did not went up as per expectations in terms of profits. Apple Company for the first time saw decline in its year to year sales after the release of iPhone 6. The new iPhone 7 is planned to overcome this unexpected trend. So what is expected from the new iPhone 7 is the […]

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Future Technologies Expected in the upcoming Smartphones

Smartphones are slightly becoming boring. When we hear about some new model, only difference we find between old and new is improved battery timing, camera etc. Smartphones have evolved in the last two decades. In future, the speed of their evolution is expected to increase. Here are some of the few technologies that are expected […]

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