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Most Popular phones of all times

Some phones become well-liked, while few phones become most popular. You can see most popular phones every day in someone’s hand. Here are some of the most popular Phones of all time that are present in the market or have ruled the market previously.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Although it was launched in 2012, but it remained as one of the successful Smartphone. The unique selling point of S III was its features and price. It had features same as Apple iPhone and the price tag was very low in comparison to iPhone. This prompted the growth in its sale. The built in memory of Galaxy S III 16 GB and battery talk time is 21.6 Hours. The only drawback of this phone now is the presence of an older Android iOs version. It is available on Amazon at a price of $199.

iPhone 4s

Apple releases new iPhone model almost every year. However, iPhone 4s has remained one of the most popular set among all the new iPhones. The exciting thing about this phone was Siri. No other phone before this model offered Smartphone assistant that can assist users in everyday tasks. It also had double antenna for better signal. It gave slickest Smartphone experience. However, now its appeal has decreased due to presence of large screen Smartphones in the market. Apple sold nearly 60 million copies in the market of iPhone 4s.

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music

Despite how much tech gurus we become, most of us have used Nokia sets at some point in time. From black & white to colored screen, Nokia evolved and we loved all its up gradation. Nokia 5130 Xpress Music bought music in cell phones to an exciting level. It had 30mb internal memory and came with a memory card slot. The sound quality of this phone was amazing. It surpassed all phones and music lovers loved this phone. It was released in February 2009. Nearly 65 million headset of this phone were sold by Nokia.

Nokia 3310

This has been legendary phone of all times. 3310 that is considered as completely unbreakable phone became very popular and common during the early 2000’s. It weights 133g but it is solid and was affordable for all people. People spent hours playing a simple snake game on it and really loved it. Its popularity cannot be underestimated because Nokia sold 126 million headset of Nokia 3310.

Moto Razr V3

Many people miss flip phones even by now. Motorola was pioneer in this technology and Moto Razr received extreme popularity and appreciation. Most people bought it because of its exquisite design and decent quality music playback. Moreover, the light of this phone was also good. The black color gave this set more executive look. Motorola sold 130 million copies of this headset.

Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 surprisingly surpassed all the phones present in the market in terms of sales. It was an entry level phone that was designed with simplicity, but it was quite reliable in terms of durability and battery life. The keypad unlike 3310 was quite soft and was made of silicon. It was lighter in weight. The new feature Nokia added in this phone was a torch. Many people found it very useful for their daily tasks. One user proudly admitted that despite his Nokia 1100 being 11 years old, the battery still lasts for a whole week. The company sold 250 million sets. The largest market for this set was Nigeria.

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