Why Announcing in Instagram is a Good Move
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New features of Facebook that you might have missed

new facebook features

Facebook is the largest social media networking site according to statista website. In April 2016, it had the highest number of active accounts. Currently it has 1.59 billion active users. Facebook has not been superseded by any other website, just because it has updated itself regularly with new features. Every month, we usually see something innovative on Facebook. Here are some of the new features that have been recently added on Facebook.

Messenger platform

Messenger platform has recently been launched by Facebook that is designed for businesses and developers. Nearly 900  million people are using messenger of Facebook. Through this platform, interaction with them has been made easy. You can chat with one person at a time or can have a group discussion. You can also automate your replies through bots using this new messenger platform. You can personalize your communication style as well. You can structure the templates of your chat box and can send automatic reminders as well. Messenger platform makes it easier for you to find people of same interest. You can also find more easily different potential customers. There are messenger codes and links available as well that can help people find others faster. The Facebook VP of Products joked about it, “I can guarantee you that you’ll spend way more money than you want on this. It is very addicting”


API Live is one of the most innovative idea by Facebook. YouTube was giving such option but it is not a social media platform. Through API-Live, anyone can share their live video of what is happening around him/her. It can be watched by millions of users. Experts have concluded that live video is more appealing to users than any other normal video. Therefore, API has given a new platform to people to become more interactive with their Facebook community.

Facebook 360

If you have a camera system that can record a video or picture, you can upload it on Facebook where users can view the entire place from a 360◦ angle. 360◦ video label appears on lower left hand corner and can be viewed on computer and Smartphones. The angle can be changed by simply dragging through mouse.

Save Button

Save Button feature on Facebook allow users to save any private item or list on their Facebook. Users can also share it with friends or receive relevant notifications regarding it. Therefore, if you find something good related to hiking and you want to see it before going to holidays, you can always save it and then reopen it later on. It can be done through three simple steps.

  • Choosing the website link
  • Copying the link and pasting it on code configuration. In order to get save button code, you simply have to click “get code” button
  • Copy the link and then paste the snippet into the HTML destination of that website

You can review these saved links from any other device.

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