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NYDAX is the Wall Street of the crypto world


After the boom of virtual currencies in 2017, you probably heard about Bitcoin. A pioneer in the segment, it is currently the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, with numbers that continue to impress. Used previously by technology enthusiasts, the growth of this cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of investors around the world.

When one thinks about investing, the first thing to come to mind is the stock exchange of Wall Street, which raises the question: does the crypto world have a similar place, to exchange stocks and other financial assets?

If it did not, now it does: meet NYDAX, a leading Digital Asset Exchange, where it is possible not only to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but also  the creation and trading of digital securities. In fact, NYDAX bets strongly on the security token market, which it expects will continue growing and being an important part of the crypto world.

The name of this platform is a clear indication of the goals behind it as, in fact, NYDAX stands for New York Digital Asset Exchange. Knowing this, it becomes clear that this platform aims to really become the Wall Street of the crypto world – which is not, by any measure, a small or easy goal to point to.

In NYDAX, currently, several ICOs can be traded, namely BTC, ETH, TRX and INVO, which is NYDAX’s own crypto token. It is expected that, in the second half of 2019, additional ICOs will be available for trading within the platform.

NYDAX also aims to be the number one destination for those looking to create and trade security tokens, in order to effectively secure the value of intellectual property (IP) through digitization.

Yousef Hosseini, founder of NYDAX, provided additional information on this:

“We are trying to change the rules around the funding of innovation and research. We want to combine a crowdfunding approach with the issuing of tokens to really democratize research and create a new liquid market.”

NYDAX is currently offering $25 worth of their INVO token for new verified users so, if this platform got you interested, take advantage of this offer and try out this new crypto-exchange platform.

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