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Online Games are Becoming a Target for Hacker Attacks

The notion of online games being targeted by hacker-attacks may seem a little far-fetched, but it is a reality. With its ever-growing community and billions of dollars in revenue, this industry positions itself as a natural “candidate” for this type of security threat.

A good example is the recent case of the “FIFA hackers“. They managed to cheat Electronic Arts in $16 million by obtaining in-game currency in a fraudulent way, then selling it to European and Asian players. In fact, these online currencies are another important focus of problems.

The lack of regulation is the most pressing problem, making them a great target for attacks and, then, illegally profit from that action. Cryptocurrencies are also targeted as, due to their cryptic nature, they are almost impossible to track, making it hard to spot illegal actions.

Hackers use the profits of these actions to finance other (and more serious) attacks, which have already affected several people and companies of all sizes. Financial fraud, identity theft, denial of service attacks and spam campaigns (which can lead to ransomware infection) are just some examples of the attacks they perpetrate.

Again regarding in-game currencies, their exchange is not a crime by itself. This means that prevention lies entirely on the companies building these games – they should prepare as better as possible, so that security vulnerabilities can be minimized as much as possible, both for the game and its users.

This is especially important considering what stats shows.They say that these attacks will only keep growing, and the gaming industry will increasingly be a target.But players also have an important role on this, as they should avoid buying these game credits from third-party sources, other than the games themselves.

These attacks will be constant in the future, as hackers are creative and are always seeking for new ways of stealing money and personal info from Internet users.

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