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Pokémon Go: The Craziest Game To Play

Pokemon go Review

Few weeks ago, Pokémon break the internet due to massive download by users. Just within one day, Pokémon Go beated Clash Royale which was rated as the most popular game of 2016. In just one week, Pokémon Go was able to get the highest number of users in the world.

Pokémon Go is considered to be the craziest and the most addictive application. It is available on Android and iOS store for free. It uses your smartphone GPS and camera to capture the Pokémon creatures. The unique thing about this game is that unlike other games, it encourages physical activity. Pokémon till now has been downloaded by more than 80 million users.

Apple Company officially stated that Pokémon has broken all the previous records of weekly download only with its launch in two continents (Australia and USA). Experts predict that Pokémon Go is expected to generate revenue of $3 billion within a year. Recently it has also been launched in the UK.

Game guide

Pokémon Go is free to download app. However, some of the items in this game can be unlocked by buying them. You can buy the Pokémon coins at the range of prices. The prices start at 0.8 pounds and go till 80 pounds.

There are three functions that players perform while playing this game. You can catch the Pokémon, battle with them and trade your Pokémon with other players. You can find Pokémon in random places. They can be located in the park, restaurants, countryside etc. Even one reporter was found playing Pokémon in the Whitehouse during the State Department briefing.

Hence, one you get this game installed, you can roam around and find your targets. While you are searching, your smartphone will vibrate which is a signal of finding the Pokémon. Once you see it on the screen, you have to catch it properly. This can only be done by throwing your Pokémon ball towards your target. There is also an ample chance that the Pokémon might run away. Hence, you have to be quite careful while catching it.

Tricks and tips for the game

Most people aim at getting maximum coins in Pokemon Go game. It can be done if you play this game smartly. Here are a few of the tricks for playing this game in a smart way.

    • Which player you get in the start can impact your whole game. Choose the player in the beginning which is fairly good. Try to get Pikachu initially in order to increase your odds of success.
    • Do not become reckless while spending coins in the game. Those coins are available for free, but they become very useful in critical times and you might run short of them when you need them the most.
    • Try to visit poke stops in order to get maximum prizes from the game.
  • Player cheats can make you win. Instead of traveling kilometers for hatching the eggs, you can place your phone on a recorder and make it move fast. It will help you to increase your movement and you do not have to travel kilometers especially for Pokémon in order to hatch the eggs.
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