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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: A giant screen phablet with exquisite look

Note 7 Review

Samsung is performing exceptionally well. Its Galaxy s7 model went very successful and contributed a lot to the Company’s balance sheet for the first two quarters of 2016. Many experts believe that Samsung has beaten the rival Apple in the past one year with the help of innovation.

Now Samsung Company has again played a smart move and has released its new high-end phablet “Galaxy Note 7” before Apple iPhone 7. It has many new features. Let’s review its features in details.

Note 7 has 4 GB of Ram and 64 GB of internal storage. It comes with wireless charging and fingerprint scanner. Reviving the style of the old phone, Samsung has also added S Pen in Note 7. Note 7 has a 5.7 inch Quad HD display. It only weighs 169g and the dimensions of this phablet are 153.5*7.3.9*7.9mm. Its camera is 12MP. The new feature added in this phone is the Iris scanner. Iris scanner helps you to unlock your phone through your eyes. The iris technology is introduced in any smartphone for the first time.

Many experts believe that a USP (unique selling point) of this device will be the eye scanner security system. Samsung has not removed the fingerprint scan option from Note 7. Hence, for people with spectacles, a fingerprint scan is the best option. The features of Note 7 (as mentioned above) are similar to Galaxy S7. Note 7 is also waterproof which remove your worries about water spill. The S-pen stylus is also waterproof and can work on a wet screen. The video quality has also been enhanced. The software of the phone Marshmallow has also been modified a little. On Galaxy Note 7, you can directly transfer any video into gifs. GIF is a loose image format that supports static as well as animated image. Moreover, you can also write up on the screen even without ending the sleep mode.

Note 7 also have a new Gear VR headset, which is an upgraded version. The engineers have worked on this headset in order to make it more comfortable to wear. New Gear VR also has an accessory port and revamped controls. Samsung has identified the need of the customers as large screens are increasing in demand.

Unlike other companies, Samsung has bought significant amount of changes in Galaxy s7 as compared to previous models. Below mentioned are some of them.

  • Sharper edges and curved screens in Galaxy s7
  • Iris scanner
  • More sensitive pen stylus
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Large battery size. Note 5 came with 3000 mAh battery, while Note 7 comes with 3500mAh battery
  • Coral blue color introduced for the first time in Note series

The cost of this phablet is expected to be high. UK online retailers are currently quoting a price of £749 for Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung is yet to release its price. So check your bank savings if you are looking for something special and are waiting anxiously for Note 7.

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