Do cyber crime impact online shopping and activities

Cyber crime is any criminal activity that is carried out by the use of computer and internet. With the increase use of internet, cyber crimes have also increased. It is the easiest way for criminals to make large amount of money, without getting traced. According to a recent survey, one out of 10 people in […]

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What Can You Do to Secure your Twitter Password?

Recently it was revealed that a Russian hacker sold online nearly 33 million Twitter passwords. This hack included nearly 1 out of every 10th Twitter user. It was a massive leak. Even the Twitter accounts of singer Katy Perry and Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg were also hacked. However, Mark Zuckerberg account was recovered after an […]

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Worried about your privacy, secure your data through encrypted email service

Privacy matter a lots nowadays. In today’s world, all of our life is spread on the internet. However, internet has become one of the least secured places. Private hackers can go deep into your systems, ranging from your emails to webcams. However, more frightening is the thought about government agencies digging in your data. The […]

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Essential tips and tools for Securing your WordPress site

If you are a WordPress developer, you are required to push all the regular updates for patching up the unknown vulnerabilities. Even though you are doing it frequently, it is still not enough to secure your website. With Plugins, you can easily add extra layer of security to your website. But there is more to […]

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