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SimplyVital Health Uses Blockchain to Improve Healthcare Data

simplyvitalhealth Blockchain

The benefits of the blockchain technology are nowadays well known for the most part, but what is still baffling is the number of areas that it can be implemented on. These are areas that affect our everyday lives which, by extension, means that blockchain can represent a huge evolution in our society – with the potential of being one of the most impactful technologies in the recent past.

SimplyVital Health- Leader in improving Healthcare Management

A surprising area where blockchain technology is being implemented is health – more specifically, health-related data. In this front, SimplyVital Health is a leader, being the company behind “Health Nexus”, a platform that can improve healthcare management by providing better access to healthcare data.

The fact that the healthcare market is one of the largest in the world should be no surprise to anyone. The numbers show that it is valued at around $300 billion in the USA alone, with predictions pointing to a valuation of nearly $365 billion by 2022.

Considering these astounding numbers, it is easy to understand that companies operating in this field need a good grasp on any related data. By using all the functionality provided by Health Nexus, companies can have a privileged access to healthcare data, which is essential to identify new revenue streams and decrease costs.

They can also use the underlying technology to create decentralized apps, more secure and robust than traditional apps, which can then be found on the platform’s marketplace. In addition, providers and patients can buy, sell, and trade healthcare data.

SimplyVital Health is backed by important partners in the health field, such as Yale University and the industry leader athenahealth. Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Harvard’s Beth Israel Medical Center, is also working closely with the company as an advisor.

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform health care, with healthcare data playing an important role on how this technology will work in the future in the health field. SimplyVital Health has realized very soon, and is now a leader in this market niche, with a powerful and innovative platform.

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