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SprintX is Changing the Landscape of ICO and South America’s Tech

Sprintx blockchain

When you think about cryptocurrency, maybe South America is not the first region of the world to come to mind – except maybe if you take the Venezuelan government’s own virtual coin into consideration, that is. This region is really not booming in terms of technology but, now, there is a company trying to change that.

SprintX is a platform that builds ICOs for startups and is based on El Salvador. With it, companies can easily launch their own ICO token, which is currently one of the preferred ways for startups to seek funding, in a “crowdfunding-like” way. With ICO come, of course, all the benefits that result from using its underlying technology: blockchain.

By providing startups, who usually lack the necessary know-how to put such an endeavor in place, in close contact with ICOs, SprintX can really become a big player in this field – but there is more to this company than just this technological work.

In fact, SprintX is changing the technological landscape of El Salvador, as per the words of the company’s CEO, Brigham Santos:

“We are creating a tech hub in El Salvador a whole city called Ahuachapan. Local government is in full support of our platform and ideas, with the mayor himself designating SprintX as the technology leader for the city. (…) This city will be the main tech standard in Latin America, turning Ahuachapan into El Silicon Valley – so, Silicon Valley with a Latin twist.”

In addition, Sprint X is also pointing to change another country of the region – a country that, actually, is going big on the cryptocurrency game, as mentioned above.

“(…) the second is a project we have in Venezuela. Venezuela, as you know, is in a banking and financial mess. What SprintX is doing is we are hiring over 100 Venezuelan workers and we are going to pay them directly in cryptocurrency. This will allow those workers to not have to deal directly with their own banking system.”

Can SprintX really change the technological landscapes of these countries and make them a prosper players in the field of cryptocurrencies? Only time will tell but, at least for now, the company’s platform promises to be a hit. If you are interested in knowing more and even investing in SprintX, its token will soon enter the pre-sale phase.

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