Cloud Computing

3 Reasons Why a Move to Cloud Computing is Positive

When the time comes for companies to start thinking about migrating their operations to the Cloud, data security is one of the biggest concerns arising after that, because a lot of the data and information they store is important and confidential. Despite this, failing to take advantage of all the benefits that Cloud provides makes no sense as it will bring more flexibility and resource savings by…
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Cloud Computing

Public vs. Private Cloud Computing Model

In this modern world, everyone is happy and agreed with the benefits of cloud computing which include the basic benefits such as instantaneous provisioning, virtualization and the ability to expand the server and scalability and more. The deployment of public cloud happens…
Cloud Computing

3 Different Layers of Cloud Service Models

According to the research conducted by various institutions, it has been revealed that cloud computing has plenty of advantages. From the data released by a survey, 80% of the IT executives say that the metrics which are in connection to the cloud will grow in the…