Best Wordpress Themes for Developing a Website

Once your Weblog or Website has been created through WordPress, the most important thing is the choice of the WordPress theme in accordance with the need and demand. It plays a vital role in attracting the traffic. There are various WordPress themes designed for specific fields. Some of the popular and striking WordPress themes I am sharing below. Remember, a right theme is mandatory to appeal the…
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Ultimate WordPress Guide for the Beginners

WordPress Guide Introduction: WordPress, a free and Open Source Content Management System, was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in May 2003. The name WordPress was coined by Mullenweg’s friend Christine Tremoulet. WordPress is very useful for creating a successful…

What Makes WordPress so Special?

WordPress somehow became famous as the blog software. However, it is limiting the power of this platform because people think it is fit for a blog only. Chances are the website that you are browsing right now is made on WordPress. The truth is, it offers so many more…