Bibliotech Brings Libraries to the 21st Century

Imagine having a Spotify-like application but applied to your school’s library: possessing the ability to access the digital version of the publications available in the library. Better yet, having access to them without physically having to go to the library building, receiving the content quickly and easily in your computer, tablet or smartphone. There is […]

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Bubblo is the Discovery App of the Future

For all those people that go out and want a recommendation for the best restaurant to dine on or the best bar to go to, there are already several options available in the market. However, most (if not all) of them do not really reward the input of data by the users, which contributes to […]

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Top 2 reasons you need to Opt for Odoo

You are familiar with SAAS, and other ERP software using in different companies and organization but you might not be familiar with Odoo. Today we are going to know about All-in-one management software called Odoo. Odoo is also an open source ERP software or a suite of business applications. These applications include Sales, Project Management, […]

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How to Choose Your Kid’s First Smartphone

As a parent, you want to make your child happy, and what better way than surprising the little one with a smartphone he or she begged you for. Although there are a lot of questions about the proper age at which a kid should get one, the most important question on a parent’s mind is […]

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New Travel App FinalPrice Reaches the US with Huge Investment

The travel market is huge in the United States, estimated to be worth $315 billion back in 2015, half of which was responsibility of online bookings, for a total of 146 million travelers. Now diving deep is this market will be FinalPrice, an app reaching the country today – and with a $4 million investment […]

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Pokémon Go: The Craziest Game To Play

Few weeks ago, Pokémon break the internet due to massive download by users. Just within one day, Pokémon Go beated Clash Royale which was rated as the most popular game of 2016. In just one week, Pokémon Go was able to get the highest number of users in the world. Pokémon Go is considered to […]

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Is Apple Losing Innovation In Its Products

Apple Company is showing poor performance from the last two quarters. They are in no comparison to profits that Apple earned two years ago. Tough competition is one reason; however, Apple according to many experts is not performing well under its new CEO. Recently, a popular technology website CNET predicted that Apple share for the […]

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This Insurance is Aimed at Pokémon Go Players

Just seven days after the official launch, Pokémon Go, the latest name in from the Nintendo’s franchise, was already a global phenomenon. In the United States, for example, the game has already crushed the mark of 65 million users, surpassing the Tinder app in number of downloads and breaking Candy Crush’s record. According to a […]

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Top Medical Innovations through Technology

Medical science has been improving from day one and use of technology has made its progress more rapid. From small robots (that can help in surgical operations) to water cleaning processes, technology has helped in making human health better. Here are some of the top medical innovations that are transforming lives of human beings for […]

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Can Siri Retain its Top Position?

Siri was launched first time by Apple in iPhone 4s in 2011. You can easily talk to Siri like you are talking to a friend and it can do different tasks for you on your iPhone. Siri was considered as the most innovative thing few years back. It was first of its kind software that […]

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