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The Coding Languages and Technologies the Market is Looking For


The world has been overwhelmed with technology in the last decades, especially in the computing niche. With this in mind, it is no surprise to realize that people are becoming increasingly interested in the field, and that the number of professionals keeps growing.

But what exactly are the needs of the market in the present time? Sometimes, it can be hard to know that, and this fact can be the difference between success and failure as a professional in the computer niche, because some areas and competences are overflowed.

In order to shed some light in this subject, Toptal, a company that connects enterprises, startups and SMBs with the top three percent of freelance software engineers and designers, has recently released some internal data about the coding languages and technologies that are in highest demand among tech companies.


Growth (%) of number of jobs requesting a given language (last full year vs the previous year)

In terms of the programming languages, results were not that surprising. With the huge rise of mobile development we have Swift, the language created by Apple, taking the number one spot with a 600% increase in demand, from 2014 to 2015. HTML, C++ and CSS all got a growth over 200%.


Growth (%) of number of jobs requesting a given technology (last full year vs the previous year)

Drupal takes a leading role, with a 282% growth. This Content Management System appears to be taking the spotlight once again, after losing space to WordPress. Elasticsearch, coming in a close second, was also the only technology with a growth over 200% (274% to be precise), with Unity3D touching that mark.

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