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The Popular Web Design Trends for 2016

2016 web design trendsAre you looking forward to learn about the latest web design trends for the upcoming year? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. It is much more than just creating a responsive design. Now there are lots of other features that have to be considered in order to make your website even more catchy, impressive and detailed.

Examine some of the popular trends that you will see in the year 2016:

UI Patterns

As many people started focusing on responsive design, a problem that became quite apparent was that all sites started looking similar. The truth however is that it is not just the responsive design that is to blame, the wide availability of responsive themes is also one major problem. It is time to breakfree from these chains. Although having a similar look is not a bad thing but there should be an innovation, at least in UI patterns. The UI patterns chosen must offer a smooth experience to your visitors. An example of this is the hamburger menu. It may be a victim of criticism of many but it is widely in use because all the functions are easily recognizable for even a naive visitor.

Rich Animations

The next trend that has appeared on the surface is animation. It is a greatly used tool for enhancing the story telling of the site and making the experience even more interactive and entertaining. Large scale animations are being used as a primary tool of interaction because they have a larger impact on the users. They come with pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling features. Small scale animations are being used too. They include hover tools, spinners and loading bars that don’t need user input. You can add animations in the navigation menu, galleries and slideshows or you can make the scrolling animated.


Microinteractions are extremely popular and they are even happening all around us starting from turning off your mobile alarm to clicking a picture on Facebook. All this is done without even a second of thought. These kinds of interactions are needed in the web design too. They help in seeing result of action, helping user manipulation, communicating a status and they can even be a part of an app. You will have to ensure that each of these interactions happen invisibility. You are supposed to keep them simple and they must have human feel. They should not be robotic or conversational.

Material Design

A new style of language was designed by Google last year called material design. It uses the shadow effects and the concept of movement and depth letting you create designs which are realistic for each user. When you are using the material design, your goal is to keep it clean and modern and make sure that the focus is on user experience. A good thing is that there is no particular framework for the material design. You are free to use different front end tools for creating your site. It is easy to create because the coding is light.

Flat Isn’t Going Anywhere

Flat design has been around from quite a while and it is not going anywhere soon. It is compatible with the trends of material design, responsive design and minimalism. So, in case you were thinking of skipping it, there are trends in the flat design that you can adopt. These include ghost buttons, vibrant color schemes, minimalism, long shadows, simple typography and more.

It is important that you start adopting these web design trends in your website so that you are ready for the changes of 2016. The more updated you are with the tech news, the more information you will have about the design.

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