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This Insurance is Aimed at Pokémon Go Players

pokemon go insurance

Just seven days after the official launch, Pokémon Go, the latest name in from the Nintendo’s franchise, was already a global phenomenon. In the United States, for example, the game has already crushed the mark of 65 million users, surpassing the Tinder app in a number of downloads and breaking Candy Crush’s record.

According to a recent analysis by E.Life, Pokémon Go players spend more time on the game than on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, which says enough already. On average, players spend 33 minutes each day playing Pokémon Go, 11 more minutes than those who expend daily on Facebook.

With its dimension, though, it comes as no surprise that Nintendo’s game is causing a lot of havoc all over the world. News pieces reporting accidents related to Pokémon Go are endless, which is exactly why a Russian company named Sberbank, the biggest banking and financial services company in the country, is giving a lot of attention to the game.

Not only are they launching, near their branches throughout the country, special modules that attract Pokémon, they are also launching a  free insurance specifically aimed at Pokémon Go players. Those special modules attract Pokémon to them, so that players do not have to go into much trouble to find the creatures – they just need to head and hang around Sberbank’s branches, and they will appear nearby.

Regarding the insurance, it comes free of cost, requiring a simple registration on the Sberbank’s website, where players need to type their gaming nickname and mobile phones. Maxim Chernin, head of IC Sberbank Life Insurance, explained that being  the biggest life insurance company in Russia, they feel the responsibility for the  Pokémon Go players. Assuming all these news from all around the globe about players being injured while catching Pokémon, they launched a new free product that will eventually help to raise the financial literacy of the population, especially the younger generation.

Although there are almost as many ways to take advantage of Pokémon Go as there are businesses, Sberbank is the only financial company to offer its clients this unique type of insurance in a form of a combined service of both its banking and insurance subsidiaries.

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