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Thoughts on Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords ManagementHave you tried to use Google AdWords lately? It is like trying to decipher a long-lost ancient text. After all what exactly is a PPC, keyword placement, remarketing, or a quality score? Does Google think that we just sit there all day, and come up with new strategies to try to get more clicks from their system? But wait, that is what a good Google AdWords management company does.

However, where you find such a company? Are they trolling through the jungles of Southeast Asia on a keyword Safari? Fear not as, in this article, methods on how to find a good Google AdWords management firm we will be discussed.

5 Google AdWords management “must haves”


Before we get into anything else, remember that experience is very important with Google AdWords. Remember, can be quite confusing actually try to understand how to manage campaign on Google. Creating a profitable campaign is even more complicated. You want a company with a proven track record.

Ask companies for a list of testimonials and case studies. Don’t just accept the standard list of vague testimonials on the website. Ask for phone numbers or emails of previous clients. Also be patient. Asking for third parties to get involved might require customers consent first.

However, you do not have a strong feeling about your Google management company that you will probably want to keep looking. Campaigns on Google start and a few thousand dollars, that means you need a company that you could trust with a proven track record. The worst thing you can do in this situation is to be your agencies test subject for Google AdWords.

Google Partner

Google has an official certificate for companies serious about providing Google AdWords services. Their Google AdWords partner program has only accepted 2,000 agencies around the world. While this number might seem like a lot, consider that there are 13,000 marketing agencies in the United States alone.

Only a small fraction of marketing agencies go through the approved Google course to help businesses with their Google AdWords campaign. To get certified, a company must go through the lessons offered by Google about their ad platform, and then pass at least two tests before getting their certification. Make sure that you use a company that went through this process. Google has a list of their approved partners on their website.

Keep up with latest trends

Did you know that between 2012 and 2013, mobile ad spending increased 120% on Google AdWords, while desktop spending only increased 2.3%?

Well, maybe you did not know that, but your Google AdWords partner should know that information. That is exactly the point. Things change quickly on Google AdWords. You need a partner who keeps up with the updates, because many of them change how the algorithm works for your ads. Understanding how these trends affect your business results can be crucial, depending upon the right algorithm change.

Have a clearly defined strategy

The next thing you should do is clearly define how your Google AdWords management company strategy will work. Just like any other marketing campaign, you need to have a strategy to succeed. This means focusing on buying keywords that your target market uses to purchase goods in your market.

It also means that you need to come up with a strategy to create relevant ads for your target market. Putting everything down on paper, so your goals and strategy are clearly laid out. You need to make sure that everyone understands their role in the campaign.

Finally, make sure you know what ads the management company will run based upon specific keywords. For example, if you own a camera shop you need to make sure that they are focusing on buying keywords. “Canon Rebel EOS” will deliver more buyers than the word “camera”.

Working with your Google AdWords management company to ensure they create the right campaign requires sitting down and coming up with a strategy that works for both sides.

Tracking System

Google AdWords campaigns can become very confusing, which is why any good management company will have a good way of tracking the campaign. They can use the Google Insights on the platform to see what keywords get the best click through rate.

Then you need to connect Google AdWords with conversions on your website, or calls coming into your office. This can vary dramatically based upon how you set up the campaign. If you do receive calls from a Google AdWords campaign, you might want to set up a separate phone line to receive those calls. It will help you track the conversion rate of your campaign.

Feeling comfortable with a Google AdWords Management Company

While there is no way to guarantee success with your campaign, you can take a number of steps to optimize your chances. The ideas that we discussed above are a guide to help you find the right Google AdWords management company. Let us know in the comment area below if you have any questions about finding the right company for your needs.

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