Why Announcing in Instagram is a Good Move
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Thoughts on Making Your Online Store Shine on Instagram

Online Store at Instagram

We live an excellent moment for the virtual stores around the Internet. In the past, they were used by a limited number of people but, due to the democratization of the internet, e-commerce is popularized and is today’s favorite way to close deals for a large part of the population.

If you have an online store and also want your slice of this cake, you need to take advantage of the huge social media explosionthat is currently happening. Some social networks can be of great value to help you leverage your marketing efforts.

Instagram, for example, is already one of the most popular social media in the world and it keeps growing. Focused on images and videos, it is the ideal showcase to showcase your products and sell more. If you do the right things, it is possible to grow your Instagram account, so here are some ways to do so.

Dive in hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are a fever. You can use this to your advantage and make your store stand out. It is worth remembering that every hashtag transforms the word tagged into a link, which is indexable by search engines.

To start growing, you need a goodhashtagging strategy, because hashtagsmake it easy for people to find you when they search for related terms. Their purpose in this social network is to engage its current audience and, at the same time, promote and attract a future audience so that the number of followers does not stop increasing.

Of course, posting interesting and engaging photos is majorly important to captivate audiences, but beware: Instagram users like hashtags, and some get more attention than others.Among the most used ones we find #love, #instagood, #me, and #fashion, among others.

Find the right time to publish

Instagram,like all social networks, has hours with more movement, where users are for more active. In addition, your target audience may also have preferential login times throughout the day and you’ll only discover this by testing.

There are tools that allow for a detailed analysis of how much your posts are engaging, and to what extent they are being watched. It is possible, based on the data, to analyze the best times of the day and which days of the week are ideal for posting. By working this out, you will prevent good publications from having poor view stats.

Promote social interaction

Encourage your followers to tag friends on publications and, with that, gain potential new followers and clients. For example, if you have a surf e-commerce, you can promote a contest for a free surfboard with the following description: “Tag your surfer friend who would like to have this surfboard”. These actions help to strengthen the outreach of the profile, leading to more and more people will visiting and following your Instagram account.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories

For those who are not familiar, Instagram Stories is a somewhat recent tool that allows you to create quick posts that will remain active for only 24 hours in the social network – just like Snapchat, let it be said. Statistics show that this feature has high engagement, as over 33% of the most viewed Stories are from companies.

The big news is that it will be possible to make full-screen ads – another way to reach the consumer, if used intelligently. In addition, Instagram Stories will now have tools to measure user engagement with publications.That is, you can see the reach, impressions, and responses generated by each of your business stories. And targeting capabilities are able to make ads more attractive to a specific audience.

Bet on live transmissions

Instagram Live is a tool thatallows users to make real-time transmissions through the social network. Use this tool to, for example, give users a glimpse on the routine of your business in a more relaxed way – it may not seem like it, but the public likes to know more about the backstage of the companies and brands they follow.

In doubt about which type of video to display? Instagram has a section called Top Live, which brings together the most popular videos being streamed at that time, so use thoseto find inspiration.

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